Tara Haddad, CEO of Modern Meat, Shares How Plant-Based Foods Have Entered the Mainstream Over the Past 20 Years

Growth of the Plant-Based Food Industry

In 2020, Tara Haddad reports that the market for plant-based alternatives reached 7 billion. This represents 27 percent growth since 2019.

History of Plant-Based Meat

Plant-based meat alternatives began to appear on the market in the 1970s. In the early years of plant-based meat, most products were made with tofu and other soy derivatives. They were positioned as healthy alternatives to animal meats, and they were often tasteless compared to conventional products. As a result, it was difficult to imagine that the average grocery consumer would start eating tofu “hot dogs,” for example, rather than the animal meat version.

Reasons Why People Are Buying More Plant-Based Foods

The benefits of a plant-based diet have become well-known over the past 20 years. Vegetarians and vegans have a 22 percent lower chance of developing heart disease. They also have a lower BMI, leading to less chance of disorders connected with obesity, including diabetes and high blood pressure.

Ways to Switch to a Plant-Based Diet

It can be easy to reduce the amount of meat you eat when replacing animal proteins with their plant-based counterparts at least a few times a week. Even a small reduction in the amount of fatty red meat you eat can lead to positive health outcomes.

Normalizing Plant-Based Diets

Companies like Modern Plant Based Foods have made it easy for “flexitarians” and others who regularly compliment their meat dishes with plant-based alternatives as well as traditional vegetarians and vegans. These high-quality products have become part of the grocery mainstream, with an especially high adoption rate among the younger generations.



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Tara Haddad

Tara Haddad

Currently located in Vancouver, BC | Tara Haddad is the CEO of Modern Meat | www.tarahaddad.com