The Importance of Female Empowerment in the Workplace with Tara Haddad

Be Mindful of Tokenism

“Even to this day, many companies operate as if simply employing some women and having them around entitles them to declare some sort of moral victory” claims Tara. “This is not the case. By keeping a slew of female employees on the payroll for the express purpose of pointing to them for the sake of public relations is an empty gesture, and, upon any kind of scrutiny, rather transparent.” It is, in fact, tokenism. Tara Haddad states tokenism is a cynical and condescending practice. To forward the cause of female empowerment in the workplace, it is of critical importance to not only hire women, but also to listen to their ideas, value their contributions to the organization, and give them credit when it is due.

Prime the Corporate Pipeline

There is no more important concept to the cause of female empowerment in the workplace than priming the corporate pipeline. The corporate pipeline is a slang term for a company’s potential talent pool of entry level staff, everyday workers, and middle management. It’s where employees are meant to prove themselves. It’s also where employees are evaluated by executives and, should they show themselves worthy, groomed for higher positions. In many respects, the corporate pipeline can be likened to the different levels of a professional sports team. In furtherance of this analogy, the more women that play ‘double-A’ ball today, the more that will graduate to ‘triple-A’ tomorrow, and ultimately, the more that will make it all the way to the major leagues. Tara Haddad says that priming the pipeline with capable women hired straight out of college or university is the single most effective way to ensure a wealth of female talent at every level of a company for generations to come.

Do Business With Female-Owned Companies

Somewhat peripherally, but no less importantly, corporations seeking to genuinely support and raise up women can do so by cultivating business relationships with female-owned companies. In the past twenty years, Tara Haddad states a record number of startups have been founded by female entrepreneurs. By engaging the services of these vendors, consulting firms, or IT agencies, already established companies can help ensure their financial independence. Once enough female-owned and operated companies become profitable and entrenched in the marketplace, it is only a matter of time before they create their own unique workplace culture in which to thrive. Such cultures, emanating from successful businesses, are likely to spread, bolstering female empowerment throughout entire industries.



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Tara Haddad

Tara Haddad

Currently located in Vancouver, BC | Tara Haddad is the CEO of Modern Meat |